7 Great Eye Shadow Palettes for under $50 ...

Eye shadow palettes are the best way to go because you get a variety of colors in one convenient package. Usually, it is more cost effective to buy eye shadow palettes as opposed to single shadows as well. Even so, eye shadow palettes can be quite expensive! I have complied a list of 7 eye shadow palettes that are great quality with an equally attractive price!

1. Hello Kitty – Wild Thing

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What is not to love about this great eye shadow palette? First, the case itself is so cute! Being the huge Hello Kitty fan that I am, I can hardly resist the shape of this palette, not to mention it is zebra print as well. Inside the case is an array of gorgeous colors. There are 7 neutral shades as well as 5 brighter colors to really make your eyes POP. All of the shadows are formulated to be silky to ensure they will glide on and blend seamlessly. My favorite thing about this great eye shadow palette, however, is that it comes with extra goodies! The first thing I noticed when opening the case was the adorable Hello Kitty compact mirror. Just like the case itself, this compact mirror is decorated with zebra print. The compact is the perfect size to carry with you in your purse to touch up your makeup throughout the day. The other surprise inside the case is a liquid eyeliner pen. Liquid eyeliner pens are my liner of choice and this one does not disappoint. The Pen Pal liquid eye liner has a precision tip so you can get your liner as thick or as thin as you’d like. Wild Thing is a $200 value on sale for just $34, so hurry and grab yours today!

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