2. Black Mascara

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All mascara can look great when applied properly, but there's something so amazing about black mascara that never gets old or goes out of style.

When applying, start with sweeping the wand downwards over your lashes and then the underside.

This will give them a double coating and make them look twice as thick and luscious looking.

Turn the wand on a slant or even vertical to separate any clumped lashes and also use this technique to coat your lower lashes.

Although mascaras tend to look alike, they are designed for specific purposes to do with your lashes like thickening, strengthening, creating a luscious look or a dramatic look and many more.

It might seem obvious but don't just buy any old mascara, have a think about what you want it to do: bold, dramatic look or natural, simple look?

Ask yourself these questions so you can pinpoint what kind of mascara is for you so it can suit your needs, and you'll never be disappointed.

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