10 Fool Proof Makeup Techniques for Clumsy Girls ...

Makeup can be tricky if you don't use understand the product you're using, how to use it correctly or any clever techniques.

You'll be applying makeup like a pro once you follow these simple steps to understanding these makeup essentials!

1. Foundation

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Foundation is commonly known as a base to start with for the rest of your makeup to come.

This is very true, but it also does many other important things, making it absolutely essential.

When applying, it should make your skin look and feel smooth, lightweight and allow it look naturally even.

This sets you up well for the rest of your make up routine since it gives you even coverage and a smooth surface to work with.

Use a foundation sponge to achieve this lightweight finish and to also cover a large area like your face in a couple of seconds.

Because foundation is generally the first thing to be applied over your skin, it should work well and be suited for your skin type.

If you have oily skin, opt for a powder based foundation and avoid liquid types.

The opposite is true for people with dry and dehydrated skin, who should ideally opt for liquid based foundations and avoid powder types.

People with normal skin are able to go either way.

Combination skin types are harder to advise because the answer will depends on what your combination is, e.g.

oily and sensitive, dry and normal etc

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