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Gone are the days when you could throw on a witch hat and cape from the store and head off trick or treating – you’re older now and you need some great Halloween makeup ideas like elaborate witch makeup to really make your spooky outfit pop! Luckily, there are some fantastic Halloween makeup ideas to be found, whether you’re looking to channel the Day of the Dead look or fancy being a zombie for the night.

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Witch Makeup to Look like Elphaba

In case you didn’t know, Elphaba is the wicked witch in The Wizard of Oz (and the hit Broadway show ‘Wicked’). Now you can create your own wicked witch look with all of the inspiration found online! I love the finished look, it’s so totally spooky!


Day of the Dead Makeup Loook

This is one of my all-time favorite Halloween makeup ideas and I love the amount of variety you can get from this one style! Using theater grease-proof makeup is the best way to achieve this look, and it’s probably best to get a friend to help, as otherwise you might struggle! There’s plenty of inspiration available online!


Zombie Makeup

This is quite a ‘realistic’ zombie look that’s ideal for parties or Halloween gatherings. You’ll need quite a few supplies and a bit of skill to create this look, but I love that it’s different from some of the other zombie makeup out there. With zombie makeup you can either add prosthetics and latex for a more complicated look, or stick to a traditional makeup look for easier styling – it’s up to you!


Rotting Skin Makeup Look

I love the show True Blood, and this is inspired by it – it’s a pretty gross look and you will need a lot of special effects makeup and products to create it. However, I think the end look is pretty spectacular, and would be great for a special Halloween event or party! This is sure to spook everyone out!


Warm Bodies Makeup

You might have already watched some of Michelle Phan’s beauty tutorials, but here she covers how to turn your man into a ‘hottie zombie.’ This makeup tutorial is inspired by the character ‘R’ from the recent hit ‘Warm Bodies,’ and is the perfect makeup look for your boyfriend this Halloween – and it’s surprisingly easy to achieve! Now you just need to persuade him…


Seductive Vampire Makeup

This is a ‘pretty’ vampire look, inspired by the haunting vampires of Anne Rice’s novels, and it would look great for a low-key Halloween party or night out. You won’t need loads of specialist products, but there are a few key cosmetics you’ll need to buy. This is another Michelle Phan video, so you’ll find the list of items used in the video description. I love that this look is gothic yet also really beautiful!


Emily from Corpse Bride

I’m a huge Tim Burton fan, and loved the movie ‘Corpse Bride.’ This stunning tutorial shows how you can recreate the look of Emily’s character for Halloween – and your boyfriend can go as Victor! This is a really spooky look that takes a bit of effort, but I think the end results are well worth it. You’re sure to give everyone a fright!


Chucky Makeup Look

With the release of the latest installment in the Chucky series, ‘Curse of Chucky,’ this is set to be a popular look this Halloween. You can recreate a ‘sexy’ version of the Chucky doll with this great makeup look and give all your friends the creeps. If you’re old enough to remember the original film, or even if you’re not, you’ll love this makeup look for Halloween!


Mia from Evil Dead

Another fairly complex makeup tutorial, but it’s one that everyone will love! The remake of The Evil Dead may not have been as successful as the original film, but it was still pretty creepy. Now you can recreate the look of Mia from the film with this great makeup tutorial that explains each step in detail. This is one makeup look I would love to try!

With these creepy makeup inspirations, you’re going to have a spook-tacular Halloween (sorry, couldn’t resist!) and there are plenty more out there to inspire you to create something amazing! What will you be dressing up as this Halloween? Witch makeup is probably the easiest to pull off if you're going to do a variation on one of these!

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I want something really unique for this year ! Last year I played a zombie and it did look nice but this time I wanna be special

I was the corpse bride for trick or treating :) it was surprising how many people were taking pictures of me..

Pale skin dark vampy lips and a lot of blood is what you need!

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