11 Hottest Makeup Trends for SpringSummer 2017 Fresh from Fashion Week ...

By Keyaani

11 Hottest Makeup Trends for SpringSummer 2017 Fresh from Fashion Week ...

Makeup trends are always evolving. If you're anything like me it can get confusing following all the latest trends and crazes. But don’t despair luckily through various fashion weeks be it in Paris, Milan, London or New York you can get some helpful pointers. The overall mood of the Spring/ Summer 2017 fashion week was that of individual personality. Beauty trends are not as rigid as they used to be and there is a sense of freedom of expression through makeup making it more fluid.

There were some beauty looks that stood out, from the statement glitter eyebrows and dimensional lips to the subtle au naturel makeup look, there is a vast range of looks to chose from. With these tutorials, you’ll be able to recreate the latest trends and I would like to think there’s something for everyone.

Table of contents:

  1. beautiful monochromatic peach makeup look
  2. let your face shimmer with glitter frosted eyebrows at 1.30
  3. au naturel makeup look for skin that breathes
  4. bold grey statement lip for spring/ summer 2017 at 7:32
  5. pink is the new neutral- full face tutorial
  6. bold textured boyish brows are here to stay at 4.07
  7. fiercely dimensional glitter lip tutorial at 4.14
  8. visually stunning neon graphic eyeliner at 3.14
  9. festive coachella inspired makeup look
  10. skin kissed dewy summer skin tutorial at 4:09
  11. flower crown and coral lips

1 Beautiful Monochromatic Peach Makeup Look

The models at Jasper Conran were actually rocking two of the hottest makeup trends the Peach Look and the monochromatic makeup look. It’s all about the matching makeup. The subtle wash of peach over the eyelids gives an overall light makeup feel that’s perfect for spring. It’s an easy flirty wearable look definitely one that I will be trying.

2 Let Your Face Shimmer with Glitter Frosted Eyebrows at 1.30

Brows have become a statement piece to makeup looks. Irynvigre models wore the Glitter frosted eyebrow trend. A variation of this trend that was worn by models at Sabinna. Holographic glitter was worn under the brows highlighting them.

If you're feeling adventurous you could give this look a go. It is an out-there expressive makeup look. I do wonder though how easy it would be to get the glitter out of the eyebrows, it does seem like a tedious task.

3 Au Naturel Makeup Look for Skin That Breathes

Who doesn’t love the fresh faced no-makeup makeup look trend. Models at Chloe were supporting this look perfectly. This is one of my personal favourites. It’s an achievable flawless look to wear for spring through to summer.

4 Bold Grey Statement Lip for Spring/ Summer 2017 at 7:32

The bold coloured lips trend is not just for autumn/ winter months and they are seeping over into spring and summer looks. Acne models wore a gorgeous grey lip. Whereas DKNY models took it a step further and wore a gothic lip. If you’re into your coloured lips then this look is definitely worth giving a try and it’s relatively easy to achieve with the use of minimal products.

5 Pink is the New Neutral- Full Face Tutorial

Pink was seen throughout all fashion weeks. From Leonard Paris, Asli Polat to Fenty X Puma by Rihanna. All were rocking the pink trend in various forms from candy pink highlighters to the matchy-matchy pretty pink shades for lip and cheeks. This is a trend that I love and I will be incorporating into my makeup routine. Pink hues are super versatile and suit all skin tones, so you can’t go wrong with this look.

6 Bold Textured Boyish Brows Are Here to Stay at 4.07

The trend of boyish brows is here to stay. With the model such as Cara Delevingne supporting the look it’s hard to believe that this trend is one that will fade. If you’re like me and do not have naturally full thick brows we can get that extra help with makeup products.

Anatasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow pomade is a must-have product to use to give a fuller look. Models at John Galliano were wearing the boyish coarse textured brow, whereas Kendall Jenner wore a straight eyebrow at the Givenchy Haute couture show. You can mix these looks up to what best suits your face.

7 Fiercely Dimensional Glitter Lip Tutorial at 4.14

Dimensional lips are the new craze, from ombre effect lips to metallic shine to glitter, textured lips are making their place. Models at Fendi wore the glitter lip look. I’m personally still not sold on the idea of glitter lips, as it does seem like a lot of work to maintain. But if you’re creative and want to break free from the typical trends, I say go for it.

In this tutorial, the glitter lip is paired on top of a metallic lip giving it a holographic type effect. The Holographic trend is also up and coming especially holographic hair, but that’s for another post (watch this space).

8 Visually Stunning Neon Graphic Eyeliner at 3.14

Fendi models wore a graphic black eyeliner with a glitter lip the look was amazing. If you want to change things up and add that pop of colour for Spring/Summer then Neon pink eyeliner is the way to go. Models at Wunderkind and Cividini both convinced us of this up and coming trend. The NYX Vivid Bright eyeliner is great to create this look. A key for this tutorial is patience as the look can be a little complicated to achieve.

9 Festive Coachella Inspired Makeup Look

Kaushal Beauty is one of my favourite YouTubers out there. I just had to add this Coachella inspired makeup look. This is not an everyday makeup look that’s for sure, but it is a fun and creative festival look. A similar look to this was seen on the runway with Sophia Webster models, who wore glitter and bold eyeliners.

10 Skin Kissed Dewy Summer Skin Tutorial at 4:09

I’m absolutely obsessed with the sun-kissed bronzed makeup look. It is a timeless look that never gets old for spring or summer. Blumarine models epitomized the bronzed sheen complexion perfectly. You can easily create this look by adding bronzer to your cheeks as well as your eyelids.

11 Flower Crown and Coral Lips

You could say that this isn’t really a makeup look per say but a fashion look instead. Dolce and Gabbana models looked like ethereal goddesses with the perfect flower crown paired with a coral lip. The look really reminded me of the famous Snap Chat filter. It’s actually an easy look to create once you get the floral hair accessory sorted.

Overall there was some stunning makeup looks showcased at the various Fashion weeks and some serious makeup trends to look out for.

From the wearable makeup trends to the more creative statement looks, whatever look you are going for this Spring/Summer, I hope that you’ve found some inspiration with these makeup tutorials.

What are your thoughts on these makeup trends?
What was your favourite look and will you be wearing any of these?

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