11 Hottest Makeup Trends for Spring/Summer 2017 Fresh from Fashion Week ...

Makeup trends are always evolving. If you're anything like me it can get confusing following all the latest trends and crazes. But don’t despair luckily through various fashion weeks be it in Paris, Milan, London or New York you can get some helpful pointers. The overall mood of the Spring/ Summer 2017 fashion week was that of individual personality. Beauty trends are not as rigid as they used to be and there is a sense of freedom of expression through makeup making it more fluid.

There were some beauty looks that stood out, from the statement glitter eyebrows and dimensional lips to the subtle au naturel makeup look, there is a vast range of looks to chose from. With these tutorials, you’ll be able to recreate the latest trends and I would like to think there’s something for everyone.

1. Beautiful Monochromatic Peach Makeup Look

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The models at Jasper Conran were actually rocking two of the hottest makeup trends the Peach Look and the monochromatic makeup look. It’s all about the matching makeup. The subtle wash of peach over the eyelids gives an overall light makeup feel that’s perfect for spring. It’s an easy flirty wearable look definitely one that I will be trying.

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