How Can You Master the Copper Makeup Look?

Copper makeup is trending right now, and for good reason. It’s a fun way to try a new color and rock the new metallic that everyone’s talking about. But how to get it just right? There are some easy tips you can use to make sure that when you wear copper it looks on point instead of embarrassing. Your best bet is to practice the trend before you go out so that you can get it just right before you have to face the world. Here’s are the tips you need to wear copper makeup any day of the week.

1. Don’t Wear Copper All over

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Copper is great, but you want to focus it on one feature instead of wearing it all over at the same time. The most popular way to wear copper is on the eyelids, but you can also try it on your cheeks or lips. Just remember not to do all those places at once. Choose one place to focus the copper and balance it with other colors for a look you’ll really love.

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