How to Wear Summer's 3 Biggest Makeup Trends ...

With the changing of every season, comes the changing of fashion and beauty trends, it’s been an ongoing cycle since the beginning of commercial beauty! Though you probably have your go-to looks when it comes to favourite makeup styles and comfort zones, it can be fun to keep up with whatever is the latest popular style, after all, it’s always good to stay as current and hip as possible! Once you find that you aren’t bothered about trends anymore, it’s probably a sign that you are over the hill (ouch did I really say that?)! Here is how to wear the three biggest makeup trends for summer 2018!

1. Natural Glow

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Achieving a natural glow is the way to go this summer, and the best way to do this is by cleansing and priming every single day and then adding a smooth, silky layer of tinted moisturiser to the mix. It will add a touch of colour and brightness to your complexion with looking artificial and fake.

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