7 Incredible Beauty Tools You Should Own for Flawless Makeup ...

I have worked as a professional makeup artist for 7 years now, and during that time I have developed a list of must-have beauty tools to own for flawless makeup. Certain beauty tools just work so much better than their competitors, making them items you have to own! I have experimented with tons of beauty tools, and these are several of the items that I always keep in my professional and personal makeup kits!

1. Beauty Blender

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When it comes to beauty tools to own, the Beauty Blender makeup sponge is always at the top of my list! This tear-drop shaped makeup sponge gives you a flawless foundation application every time. It works best when you dampen the sponge, and then stippling (bouncing the sponge across the skin) your foundation on. The pointed end allows you to easily cover the small areas around your eyes and nose. Shampoo it after each use to maintain healthy, flawless skin!

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