7 Insider Tips for Getting Your Mascara Just Right ...

Do you need tips for getting your mascara right? Don’t we all? Applying mascara is a fine art that you wouldn’t think would be that hard, but sometimes is. I can’t even count the number of times I’ve ended up with mascara smeared under my eyes or I’ve poked myself in the eye with the wand. Ouch! Fortunately, in general, putting on mascara isn’t all that hard. However, having some tips for getting your mascara right can really help you. It sure helps me. Here they are!

1. Find the Right Mascara

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Applying mascara is infinitely easier if you find the right one. Do you want to lengthen? Or thicken your lashes? Or maybe you just want them to look darker. Whatever your needs, one of the best tips for getting your mascara right is to evaluate what you want from it. Once you have that figured out, you can buy the one you need and look fabulous every time you put it on.

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