8 Light, Oil-Free Foundations ...

Good light, oil-free foundations are hard to find, especially if you donโ€™t know what to look for. Oily skin is just as demanding as the dry or combination one so youโ€™ll need something to keep the greasy glow under control and help your skin look naturally glowing. Well, if you want me to be completely honest, I have dry skin type, but Iโ€™ve consulted my sister who has a big problem with excessive shine and researched a little bit only to find these light, oil-free foundation to show you today.

1. Teint Idole Ultra by Lancome

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Price: $42.00 at sephora.com
Long wear, full coverage and oil-free โ€“ this is one miraculous foundation! I absolutely love Lancome and feel really confident about the quality of their products so, yes, if you think good foundation is always worth paying for a bit extra, do give it a shot. Alternatively, you can ask for a sample to make sure full coverage is something youโ€™d be comfortable with.

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