Look after Your Skin by Removing Your Makeup the Right Way ...


As much as it is important to remove your makeup, you also need to remove it correctly. Doing so will help keep your skin healthy and beautiful and at less risk of breakouts and blemishes.

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Never Skip! Take Your Makeup off Every Night

The absolute key tip to remember when thinking about how to remove makeup the right way is that you really do need to do it every single night without fail. Even if you have only worn a miniscule amount of makeup during the day, it is vital to give your face an overnight period of complete freshness and cleanliness. Your skin regenerates itself overnight, so if there is still product clogging your pores, this build up can lead to blackheads and even acne.


Take Your Time Removing Mascara

One of the most common mistakes people make is not taking enough time to fully remove all the mascara from their eyelashes. Many women will wake up with makeup under their eyes because they removed mascara too hastily. Take some quality time to remove this makeup, spending two or three minutes soaking up the mascara with an olive oil soaked cotton pad. It may be a nuisance, but it really does make the difference. (P.S. the olive oil will help condition your lashes.)


Wash Your Face before, Not after

It sounds a little strange, but it is recommended that you try cleansing your face while your makeup is still applied, being mindful of course that you do not smear mascara into your pores. By washing your face beforehand, there will be much less surface makeup to remove when it comes to the main removal event, and this will help you to achieve a much deeper clean in terms of what is still left to remove.


Make Sure to Put Your Hair up

You would be surprised by how many women leave their hair down when removing their makeup and end up getting in a horrible mess! Not only does pulling your hair back from your face feel much more convenient, it also ensures that you are able to remove all of the makeup from around your hairline, an area that can be overlooked if your hair is still down and around your face during the process.


Use More than Just Wipes

Makeup face wipes are great for when you are in a hurry every now and then, but in truth they are not meant to be used as the sole product in a makeup removal process. While they may do a good job of removing the surface makeup, they cannot eliminate all of the layers and extra gunk that can be present from a whole day’s worth of makeup. It is recommended that to really clean and cleanse your skin, you should be using a proper makeup remover and a cotton pad.

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Remove Your Lipstick First

While most women tend to start with their eyes, it is actually recommended that you begin with removing your lipstick. This is so that when you are scrubbing your face, there will be no risk of smearing lipstick onto your skin, which is incredibly hard to get off. Use a soaked cotton pad for best results.


Never Pull up on Your Lashes

The best way to remove your mascara is to shut your eyes and very gently pull down towards your feet with a soaked cotton pad. It is important to always remove the makeup in the direction that the lashes grow, as doing the opposite will likely damage them and cause them to break.

Your makeup makes you even more beautiful, but if you have a great canvas to work on, the result is always better. Look after your skin by removing your makeup the right way and keep that gorgeous canvas!

What are your go-to makeup removers? Let us know. We love to learn about great products.

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U should get the one by Estee Lauder

Sesame oil

I do t understand #3. I use Neutrogena makeup remover cloths before I wash my face. Oh, and why on earth would anyone sleep with their makeup on?!

Makeup removing lotion is life

Thank you for this helpful tips! 👏👏👏

I always take care of my face skin & agree to all listed above 😊👩🏼👸🏼.every girl should do!

Can you wash your face before AND after removing your makeup?

Gentle Touch

Good article. The olive oil method works

I use baby oil on a cotton ball! And it's great! It removes all of it quickly and fast.

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