10 Make-up Trends for Fall 2018 ...

One of the best things about makeup is that people are constantly finding new and exciting things to do with it. You would think that a few staple products would only be able to create so many looks, but every season new techniques come around, along with a few old favourites that are ready to come back in the rotation! Any makeup enthusiast will know that there is a big difference between what looks are hot in the summer and what looks are hot in the fall. With September now in full swing, it’s time to see what this year has in store! Here are ten makeup trends for fall 2018.

1. Pinched Cheeks

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You will see a lot of girls for that fresh faced, pinched look for their cheek area, just as if they have stepped out in to a crisp morning, but all day! A good tip, check the inside colour of your lip in the mirror for a good blush match.

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