2. Fuller Lips

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You will need: Lip pencil, lipstick, Translucent powder, Lip gloss
We’re moving on to the lips and the next of my make up tricks is going to show you how to make them appear perfectly symmetric and perfectly luscious! Outline your lips using lip pencil that either matches your lipstick color or is one shade darker, making sure you don’t trace the actual line but the imaginary line that’s just a little bit above or below your natural lip line. Now carefully apply your lipstick using a lip brush to blend the lipstick and lip liner. Take a tissue (or a piece of toilet paper), fold it in half, place it between your lips and gently press the lips together. Apply translucent powder over the whole area before adding another layer of lipstick then remove the excess by repeating the tissue trick. Finish your look by applying lip gloss to only the center of both lower and upper lip.

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