7 Makeup Bloggers to 'like' on Facebook ...

I confess – I love following makeup bloggers but I don’t always take the time to visit their blogs. It’s terrible, I know. Since it seems I am always checking Facebook, I discovered this is the best way for me to keep updated on my favorite makeup bloggers. If you’re like me, seeing your favorite bloggers come up on your news feed is a much-needed reminder to visit their site. So to get started, give these 7 makeup bloggers a ‘like’ on Facebook to keep your makeup motivation running!

1. Makeup by Mikala

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Makeup by Mikala is definitely one of the makeup bloggers you should follow. Not only does Mikala write for All Women Stalk, she is also a beauty blogger. She is always posting “Makeup of the Day” posts on her Facebook and Instagram and updates her personal blog, makeupbymikala.com after every photo shoot she does. She also has two side projects that feature her makeup looks, beautysnaps.wordpress.com and mbellishmag.com. Mikala’s makeup style is fashionable and edgy. She can do everything from bridal makeup to bold beauty looks. Liking her on Facebook will ensure you keep up with everything Makeup by Mikala does: facebook.com

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