37 Makeup Brush Sets Anyone Would Love to Receive for Christmas ...

When you're really not sure what to gift your bestie, your sister, or even your mom, makeup brush sets are a little godsend. With a huge range in prices to fit any budget, and sets ranging from 5 pieces to more than 30, they're a great gift for anyone who wears makeup. Because remember, you should look after your brushes and sometimes, a new set is a good excuse to get rid of ones you've maybe been hanging on to for too long. I've found a nice selection of makeup brush sets in a range of prices and sizes for you to choose from.

1. Gimme a Look 5-Piece Pro Brush Set

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Price: $28.00
As it's something to make you look good, no reason why a makeup brush set shouldn't look good itself! There's a bit of glamour to this one.

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