7 Makeup Essentials Every New Mom Must Have ...

Having a baby will totally change your life. Most of it’s great stuff, but there’s no doubt that being a new mom will dramatically cut back on the amount of time you have to spend on yourself. Between late nights and needy babies, you might find your makeup routine takes a backseat. Instead of giving up, try stocking your cosmetics bag with new mom essentials that you can use quickly and efficiently in hardly any time at all. You’ll be the prettiest mom in town!

1. Mascara is a Must Have

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Even if you didn’t get much sleep last night and your shirt is covered in spit up, a couple of coats of mascara can totally transform you and make you look awake and lovely. Black is the best color choice and it only takes a couple of seconds to swipe it on so you can easily find time to add mascara to your routine. Easy, right?

2. Stock Your Bag with Some Highlighter

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Highlighter is great for giving you a radiant glow and helping you look awake and refreshed any day. Use it along your brow bone and on your cheekbones, then top it with foundation in the shade that is right for your skin tone. This tiny extra step can do wonders for the way you look and can totally hide the fact that you were up with a fussy baby all night long.

3. Moisturizing Lip Tint is Your New Best Friend

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Not only can a tinted lip moisturizer keep your pucker healthy and hydrated, but it also gives you a great dose of color without any extra effort. If you’ve given up lipstick because it gets all over your baby when you give him kisses, lip tint can be your new favorite product. It comes in all sorts of colors and prevents dryness with ease. What color would you choose?

4. Grab at Least One Beauty Stick

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The great thing about all the fun new stick cosmetics on store shelves is that they can be used in several ways. When you’re a mom, double duty products are going to be a lifesaver. Use a beauty stick to give color to your lids and cheeks with one simple product. The sticks come in a huge range of color options so you should be able to find the one that works best for you.

5. A Color Neutralizing Powder is Perfect

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If you have specific skin issues, such as redness or dark under eye circles, the right powder can do wonders for hiding the problem. Look for one that is on the opposite side of the color spectrum to neutralize what’s going on with your face. For example, if you have redness issues, use a green tinted product to cover it up.

6. You Will Love a Shimmery Moisturizer

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Your face needs to be moisturized in the morning and in the evening to keep it healthy and glowing. If you’re going to slather on a facial cream in the morning, why not try a shimmery one? It can cover up new mommy fatigue and give you a radiance that you have been missing since your little one came home from the hospital.

7. You Can’t Go Wrong with Some SPF

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Skin always looks better when you wear sunscreen to protect it from sun damage and the signs of aging. You’d never let your little one go out in the sun without protection and you should be doing the same for yourself. Wear sunscreen every day and you can count on glorious mommy skin for all the years ahead of you.

What’s your go-to mommy beauty product?

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