7 Makeup Mistakes Mature Women Make ...

By Alison

7 Makeup Mistakes Mature Women Make ...

We all make makeup mistakes, but there are some that are particularly unflattering to more mature women. Wearing too much makeup or the wrong shades really stands out on older skin. But with the right choice of products and shades women can look good whatever their age. Makeup isn't just for the young. So here are the makeup mistakes to avoid if you're more mature …

1 Never Changing

One of the classic makeup mistakes that women make as they get older is to stick to the same look they've worn for years. Think of Joan Collins. I love Joan, but her makeup look hasn’t changed in decades. She always sports bright fuchsia lipstick and thick dark liner around her eyes. But she looks fantastic for her age, and would look even better if she wore a softer lip color and far less liner.

2 Black Eyeliner

Back in the day, there weren't many colors of eyeliner available. Women had to make do with black, brown and maybe navy. Dark shades like black and navy aren't always the most flattering colors for your eye color, and they certainly won't flatter mature women. Switch to softer shades like bronze or brown instead, and avoid lining your eyes all the way round..

3 Powder

Older women had it drummed into them that you have to set your foundation with powder. Powder, unfortunately, isn't a friend of mature skin, as it settles into any lines you may have. Also skin tends to be drier as it matures. If you do want to use powder, choose a mineral or light-reflecting version.

4 Pencilled Brows

Many older women plucked their brows heavily as thin brows were fashionable at the time. Their brows haven't grown back, so they pencil them back in with obvious lines. It's more effective to fill in gaps with a brown shadow, using tiny strokes to slowly build up the color.

5 Lips

Another mistake that older women make is with lipstick and lip liner. They can use a lip liner that's far too obvious, or a lipstick that is far too bright. This isn't a flattering look on anyone. Lipstick can bleed into any small lines around the lips, so a liner is useful but it's better to pick one that's closer to your natural lip color.

6 Bright Eye Shadow

Bright eye shadow makes it look as though you're stuck in the Sixties, so ditch the lurid colors for something more subtle. Shimmery and sparkly shadows draw attention to any lines or creases. Choose neutral shades like taupe and brown - they may be simple, but they're very flattering to mature women.

7 Too Much Foundation

Finally, don't apply too much foundation. It won't hide any lines or make you look years younger! Choose a foundation formulated for mature skin and prepare your skin well with moisturiser and primer. Primer is brilliant for mature skins as it helps your foundation stay put.

Mature women can still look great with makeup; the trick is to adapt according to the changing needs of your skin. What looked good years ago may not be so flattering now, so move with the times. There are lots of brilliant products that will suit mature skin, so have fun trying them out. What is your most annoying makeup mistake?

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