7 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid before a Big Date ...

So you have carefully worked your way around Tinder/a dating site/a great bar to secure THE perfect date and now you need to know which makeup mistakes to avoid. While beauty isn't always a deal breaker when it comes to dating, there are some tragedies you will want to avoid for your own post-date sanity. The sort of makeup mistakes to avoid are easily made, which also means they are often simple to avoid. Dodging the following seven can avoid the types of disasters that come with paying a visit to the bathroom during your date, looking in the mirror, and thinking "Why did I do this to myself?"

1. All over Eyeliner

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Eyeliner is one of our biggest assets as women. It can make our eyes look big, sultry, and in some cases, down right scary. Surrounding your eyes in eyeliner is a habit you should reserve for festivals and wild nights out, not your first date. Very few women can pull it off without looking a little OTT. Plus, if you are anything like me and you go into laugh overdrive when you are feeling nervous, it is quite likely to run. This is one of those makeup mistakes to avoid that seems a little questionable, but do try and dodge it if you can.

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