Makeup Organization Tips to Keep Your Bathroom Clean ...

Organizing your beauty products doesn’t have to be the tedious task that we often make it out to be. I know we’ve all seen those gorgeous photos on Insta or Pinterest that show such clean, well-organized, and relentlessly chic makeup collections. Welp, we can achieve Instagram beauty blogger status with our makeup organization, too and I’m going to show you how! Keep scrolling below for some simple tips to keep your beauty products nice and tidy.

1. Clean out Your Stash

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Before we get into organizing our makeup, we’ve got to first weed out products that are old, have duplicates of, items you no longer use, or that you bought and never used. There’s no point in keeping around broken makeup or half-used lipsticks that you fell out of love with two seasons ago, right? You want to display your favorite makeup and make it easy to find and use. So, go through your supply and throw out all the old or broken stuff and if you have any unused products, feel free to gift them to friends or trade.

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