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Makeup can be extremely fun but finding what suits you and what is mostly “appropriate” can almost be a challenge! If you’re struggling to find the right products to apply on your gorgeous face while you go to school or find the right “natural look” don’t worry because today we will be looking at the makeup products to wear to middle school without getting into trouble.


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Who doesn’t like to have rosy cheeks right? Blush can make you look gorgeous and add a bit of elegance to your look! Make sure you add the right amount of blush on your cheeks because you might look like a clown if you put far too much.


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Having long and silky eyelashes sure is a blessing, however when we can’t wear mascara to school it can become a burden that might limit you from looking your best! With clear mascara you can have silky, long lashes that can last a whole day and not even a fly will notice you are wearing it! When you are applying be careful because it can end up in your eyes and if it does make sure to rinse your eyes immediately with water!


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Lipstick can make us look stunning and chic! There’s many shades of colour and many brands to choose from. When you go to school wearing lipstick make sure it’s a pale pink colour that rarely stands out. I know pale pink is a bit boring but this will save you from getting in trouble - trust me!


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Covering up our pimples, black heads etc ... can make us look good and finding the right cover up is just one of best things in the world! If you want to cover up your “imperfections” of your face don’t be afraid to use concealer.

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