9 Makeup Products to Avoid This Year ...

When it comes to beauty trends, there are a few makeup products to avoid this year. Just like clothes and accessories, makeup tends to follow clear trends as well. One year weโ€™ll all be trying to recreate dramatic makeup looks and the next itโ€™ll be all about super natural finishes. Spring clean your beauty cabinet and take a look at a few makeup products to avoid this year.

1. Full Coverage Foundation

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Super natural makeup looks have been a staple for the past couple of seasons. One of the biggest makeup products to avoid this year is full coverage foundation. If youโ€™re not blessed with a squeaky clean porcelain complexion, donโ€™t worry because there are still ways to achieve flawless skin finishes. Just switch the heavy coverage foundations for glow-giving versions like BB creams and powder-to-cream compacts.

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