4. Catch the Light

The lighter the color of an eyeshadow on the color spectrum, the more that natural light will catch it, or make it reflect. When natural light hits light-colored makeup, it automatically draws the eye to these places on your face.

Professional makeup artists use this tactic to make the eye area seem bigger, and bigger eyes are more noticeable. Professionals apply light-colored eyeshadow right below the arch of the eyebrow where it peaks up, and also in the inner corner of the eyes.

This causes the eye area, in general, to seem bigger, and the reflections of these lighted areas are stunning when seen (if you have small eyes, this is a great tip). Next time you're flipping through your favorite magazine, see if you notice this makeup trick on a celebrity on the red carpet or on a model posing in an ad.

Eyes are agreeably one of the most beautiful parts of the face, and well-decorated eyes are attractive and make them stand out. It's important not to go overboard with putting too much makeup on your eyes, but touching up your eyes with these tips will make you want to glance in the mirror a little more often.

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