10 Makeup Tips to Try for Fall ...

Fall is right around the corner girls and with the changing of the season comes new makeup tips for fall! After all, you can't wear all of the same beautiful, tan colors you have for summer for the autumn months right? So girls, I've researched and researched and compiled my top 10 makeup tips for the fall that will really help you stand out beautifully and keep you ahead of the game! So you ready to explore my top makeup tips for the fall? Let's do it!

1. Purple Smoky Eyes

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This season, one makeup tip for the fall that you'll want to follow is purple smoky eyes! They are going to be all the rage and truthfully, I think that purple looks beautiful in a smoky eye! So girls, forget the blacks this time and go with purple – you won't regret it! Also, keep in mind that purple is a great way to bring out the green in your eyes!

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