7 Makeup Tools All Women Should Have for a Flawless Look ...

With so many products available, itโ€™s hard to know which makeup tools all women should have. Just for applying foundation to the face there are several different tools and brushes... it can be so confusing. Rather than purchasing a slew of unnecessary makeup tools, hereโ€™s a list of basic makeup tools all women should have.

1. Blender Sponge

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A blender sponge is one of the makeup tools all women should have! Try to look for sponge that has an elliptical shape. The tip, or point, of the sponge serves well to apply makeup to tricky areas like the edges of your nose and your hair line. Plus, a blender sponge trumps a foundation brush because it doesnโ€™t leave harsh streaky marks like a brush can.

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