7 Makeup Videos That Illustrate Perfect Cat Eyes ...

Cat eyes are all the rage nowadays. If you don't know how to create them, then it's about time you learn, don't you think? Even if you already know the basics, it can never hurt to learn a few new tips. So without further adieu, here are some videos that'll help you create the perfect cat eyes:

1. Smokey Cat Eyes

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Smokey eyes and cat eyes are the two hottest trends, so why wouldn't you combine them? The woman in this video grabs a piece of scotch tape and places it against her eye, so that she has a line to follow when creating her cat eyes. Of course, before you place tape against your lids, make sure to get rid of some of the tape's stickiness by placing it against your hand and ripping it off. You don't want to end up irritating your face when you're trying to enhance the look of it.

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