7 Marvelous Airbrush Makeup Tips to Follow ...

Airbrush makeup is something that is becoming increasingly popular, but what airbrush makeup tips are out there? Not a whole lot! So, when I first got my airbrush kit, I decided that I would come up with the best airbrush makeup tips that will help make your airbrushing incredibly easy and that will help you make your makeup look completely flawless! After all, airbrushing is supposed to be super natural!

1. Practice with Water First

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One of the best airbrush makeup tips that I have to pass on is to practice with water first. This is especially true if you are brand new to airbrushing. You want to get to know your machine and you really want to know exactly where your makeup is going to land on your face. You also want to know how close to hold your airbrush, so that you can make everything look even and natural!

2. Cleanse

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Always, before you do anything with makeup, make sure that you are cleansing your face. You don't want to put makeup onto a dirty face – that won't look natural and it can look caked on! Instead, make sure that your face is completely clean and free of dirt!

3. Moisturize

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After you cleanse, you want to make sure that you are moisturizing your skin too! That way, when you do finally start to airbrush, your skin is all prepped. Honestly, prepping should be done for any makeup, but it is especially important for airbrushing, as the airbrushing can look clumped if your skin isn't prepped correctly!

4. Use a Great Primer

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A primer on your skin is a must when you are looking to use an airbrush! This will ensure that your makeup stays put all day and that you truly keep that flawless makeup look, no matter how late you stay out! For me, I use Urban Decay's primer – it works great and, while expensive, it makes my skin look beautiful all day and night!

5. Don't over-Spray

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The biggest mistake that a lot of girls make when they first start to use their airbrushing machine is the fact that they over-spray a lot. Don't do that! Remember the water trick? This can prevent you from over-spraying and will allow you to know exactly how much makeup you need to put on. You also want to keep all of the motions of the spray in a circle, never touch down or get too close to your skin!

6. Blend in Your Neck

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When you do start to airbrush, you don't want to forget about your neck at all! Instead, you want to make sure that you are blending your neck and that you don't have any makeup lines at all. Truthfully, this is a big mistake that a lot of girls make too, especially when they are first starting out with an airbrush kit!

7. Never End an Airbrush Motion Directly over Skin

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Finally, you don't want to end your airbrush motion right over your skin. This can actually cause a patch of makeup to be released. Instead, circular motions are the best and will keep all of your makeup even!

So, I am dying to know, who has tried airbrush makeup? Did you like it? Let me know in the comments if you've tried it and what other tips you have! Share 'em!

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