7 Matte Blushes to Add to Your Makeup Bag ...

I am a big fan of matte beauty products, especially matte blushes. Although having a little sparkle on your cheeks isn’t a bad thing, sometimes it’s nice to just have a solid shade with no sheen. Every girl needs a least one matte blush in her makeup bag. It’s the perfect accompaniment to shiny lips or eye shadow. In addition, matte blush can double as eye shadow or even be worn on your lips. Check out these matte blushes to add to your makeup bag!

1. Exhibit a – NARS

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Exhibit A by NARS is one of my favorite matte blushes. I know what you might be thinking, is she really suggesting a red blush? Don’t be intimidated by the color red. It looks great on nearly every skin tone and is one of the more natural looking shades of blush. Just remember while applying that a little goes a long way. The key to pulling off any shade of blush is proper blending. Blending won’t be a problem with Exhibit A because NARS uses micronized powder that makes blending a breeze. You can get this blush at narscosmetics.com.

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