7 Most Common Foundation Mistakes ...


7 Most Common Foundation Mistakes ...
7 Most Common Foundation Mistakes ...

I wear foundation, but I was unaware that I was making foundation mistakes every day! The tricks my mother taught me when I was young seem to be considered old wives' tales. I was surprised to find a lot of beauty tips that I swore by were not only disproved, but were considered most common foundation mistakes! Check out the list below to make sure you aren’t committing any of these mistakes when applying your foundation!

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Don’t Use Powder Foundation

Don't fall victim to one of the most common foundation mistakes. Opt for liquid foundation instead. The powder foundation dries out your skin, plus sometimes it looks cakey. It also takes a lot of effort to get the smooth, right look and it may not last as long as you want. Also, don’t forget sometimes powder foundation settles into the creases and gives the appearance of deep wrinkles – a girl’s worst nightmare! If you use liquid foundation instead, your look will not only last longer, but your skin will look smooth and flawless!


Where to Test?

My mother always told me to test my foundation on the inside of my wrist to find the perfect color. Turns out that it’s a horrible idea! Greg Wencel, a Covergirl makeup artist, states to test your foundation on three areas of your face, not just the jaw line. He recommends you test the shade of your foundation underneath your eyes, around your nose (or on it) and along your jaw line. This way, you’ll be more positive that you’ve got the right shade! The perfect foundation shade should "disappear" into your skin. He also notes that if you’re unsure of the shade, always go darker – I was shocked by this fact too! Apparently, going darker covers more skin blemishes and imperfections compared to a lighter shade. Interesting, right?


Use a Primer

I’m a victim of this mistake too. I never use primer. I did know it existed, but, I didn’t see the use of it. Apparently it helps your foundation adhere better and go on smoother. Plus, it keeps the foundation from disappearing the longer you wear it. Sounds good to me!


Use a Foundation Brush

I didn’t know foundation brushes existed until recently! I always used my fingers or a sponge! Yet, I’ve recently started using brushes and love them. I do notice when using a foundation brush that I use less foundation, plus, they’re less messy than using a sponge or my fingers and I get a nice, even tone too. Go out and buy yourself a synthetic foundation brush; you won’t regret it!


Don’t Apply Foundation All over Your Face

You don’t need to use it all over your face. Foundation is only really meant for the areas of your face that need a bit touching up, like redness. You’re wasting a lot of foundation (and money) if you cover your whole face with foundation when it isn’t needed!


Don’t Use Concealer under Foundation

What’s the point of that? I’d recommend using one or the other, but if you must, use concealer on top of you foundation for extra coverage, such as covering up a blemish, like a pimple. Make sure to blend it well by using a similar brush you used for your foundation.


Don’t Set Your Foundation with a Tinted Powder of Any Kind

If you use tinted powder after your foundation, your foundation may get cakey and no woman wants that. It’s hard to fix and doesn’t look very attractive! Instead, opt for a translucent powder. It’ll stop the cake-like texture and works for every, single skin tone.

Okay, ladies, so now that you have the scoop, ‘fess up -- have you ever made any of these foundation mistakes?

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I love powder foundation! It makes my face look flawless and it doesn't look cakey at all! It's the put minerals 4in 1! It's amazing!

So press powder is not a good idea to apply either :/

This really help

Any suggestions as after i apply foundation my face turns an unnatural dark.. Tried many brands its the same..

Good to know I'm not alone ;)

Aww, but I love my powder foundation. :(

I don't agree about the powder. It works well for people with oily skin and works well in the summer months when liquid or cream foundations would slip and slide. Also, if you had a concealer that doesn't match your skin tone, you could use it under foundation because it'll be able to cover the blemish and your foundation would cover the mismatched concealer. You probably shouldn't go darker because it won't match your neck. In any case you might be better off going lighter than correcting with blush, bronzer and highlighter.

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