5 Must-Have Makeup Items for That Everyday Look ...


5 Must-Have Makeup Items for That Everyday Look ...
5 Must-Have Makeup Items for That Everyday Look ...

If you’ve ever been through the cosmetic aisles at Target, you may know that overwhelmed feeling when you’re surrounded by so many options, you’re not sure where to start. In Sephora, it’s even worse (and you may not even dare enter).

But when it comes to makeup, getting the basics needn’t be difficult, or expensive. You can mix both investment products as well as drugstore counterparts, and build a quality makeup collection from that. You’ll find that developing a get-ready routine will boost your self-confidence, as even brief pampering sessions have benefits for mental and emotional health. Follow our recommendations, and you’ll have what you need to achieve your everyday look, with some variety now and then when you want to experiment. 

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The first place to start is your foundation. Visit either a department store like Nordstrom, or Sephora, who have trained makeup associates who can help you match the right shade to your skin tone. For everyday use, a tinted moisturizer is good for a formula that’s lighter on the skin and offers SPF. Foundation, by the way, also creates an SPF barrier for your skin, but everyday wear can clog your pores faster than a tinted moisturizer.



Some women, in search of the perfect wing from the start, first teach themselves to use eyeliner with a liquid formula. Liquid eyeliner creates that precision that other formulas won’t give you. Others are content with a kohl pencil and smudging it with a Q-tip for a smokier look. Different techniques work on different eye shapes, For pencil liners, remember to keep a pencil sharpener handy. Liquid liners come in different applicator tips, varying in shape and size; again, try a few and see what you like best. 

Final tip on eyeliner: for that everyday look, consider a dark brown instead of black. Black tends to create a harsher look in the daylight; save your black eyeliner for an evening look.



Next is mascara, an item of absolute importance to elevate your everyday look. Keep one at home, in your purse, and anywhere else you may need to apply. Accentuated lashes make eyes appear bigger, a little step that goes a long way. This is a product where plenty of drugstore options work perfectly well, so do your research, and consider trying a few brands to see what formulas you like best. Sure, waterproof mascaras are great for obvious reasons, but are you prepared to put in the extra time and effort to remove it before you go to bed? If it’s worth it to you (and for some who may be prone to sweat or cry, it might), go for it.


Everyday Nude Lip

On to lips, which we recommend having products for your everyday nude as well as a red lip. For a naked same-but-better-than your natural lip color, start with applying a lip liner to moisturized lips. If you want your lip color to last, lining your entire lips with liner creates a durable foundation upon which the pigment can rest and stay throughout the day. To create dimension and poutier looking lips, choosing a complimentary but slightly darker lip liner than the color of your lipstick is best. When applying lip liner, go slowly and follow the natural shape of your lip. On your top lip, accentuate your Cupid’s Bow by applying your liner in a criss-cross, “X” shape in the middle of your lip, then drawing outward to the outer corners. Fill in your lips completely from there.

When applying lipstick, again, take your time and go slowly, drawing within the outline you created with your liner. After your first lipstick layer, the next three steps will seal in your pigment for a longer-lasting lip: blot, powder, reapply. Blotting removes excess product, powdering sets it in, and reapplying lipstick restores any pigment lost from blotting. Voilà!


Red Lip

Last but not least, find products that make a good red lip. There’s nothing as classically sexy than a well-selected red lipstick. Choose one that compliments your skin tone, with a comfortable formula that you like (matte, satin, sheer, or gloss). As you would with a nude lip, find a lip liner in a similar color to your lipstick, only a shade or two darker. Use the same steps to apply as described above. And for an extra pop of shine, pat your finger into a bit of highlighter, and using that same finger, dab it lightly into the middle of your top and bottom lip. With that bit of shimmer, your lips will catch light in the most beautiful way.

And there you have it - the five makeup products you need to create a simple everyday makeup look. Of course plenty others are out there - eyeshadows, highlighters, and contour kits galore - but if you’re just getting started with doing your own makeup or want to simplify your routine, start with these five in your arsenal, and you’re ready to look great every day.

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