7 Must-read Tips on Finding the Right Foundation for Winter ...


7 Must-read Tips on Finding the Right Foundation for Winter ...
7 Must-read Tips on Finding the Right Foundation for Winter ...

Are you in the market for some new foundation for winter? When the seasons change, our makeup and skin care items also tend to change and that’s a good thing! Just like our wardrobe, we can’t expect and don’t want to use the same products all year long since our skin reacts differently to the changing seasons. Winter is an important time to switch foundation formulas as your skin can get dry or irritated from the cold, dry weather. Check out my tips on finding the right foundation for winter and prepare early!

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Back to Basics

Before you head out on your search for foundation for winter, make sure your skin care routine is winter-appropriate as well. You’ll probably want to switch out the lightweight formulas you’ve been using with richer, soothing formulas. Look for gentle, moisturizing facial cleansers, scale back on exfoliating your skin to once a week and top it all off with a good quality moisturizer and sunscreen. Remember to always let your moisturizer and sunscreen fully set before you apply any makeup for the smoothest finish.


Check out Your Skin

We’ve discussed skin care, but you also want to take note of any changes in your skin and any skin concerns you have before you buy a new foundation. You might find that your skin feels different, perhaps it feels dry or tight or maybe you prefer more or less coverage this time around. There’s also a good chance that your skin is lighter than the last time you bought foundation. Make note of these changes in your skin and keep them in mind when you go shopping.


Get Acquainted with Different Formulas

When you’re looking for your winter foundation, don’t forget that you can use a different formula than your usual foundation. Just because you use a powder foundation in the summer doesn’t mean you have to use the same thing in the winter. If you tend to have dry skin in the winter, opt for moisturizing liquid foundation. Some people swear by mineral foundation in the winter, but some find that mineral foundation can accentuate dry skin or dry out the skin. Look for liquid foundations with moisturizers and hydrating ingredients to keep skin comfy and calm.


Skip Matte

Depending on the type of skin you have, you might want to skip any products that have mattifying properties. If your primer, foundation and powder are matte formulas, they might be too drying for your skin in the winter. I have combination skin and my T-zone would go bonkers without any matte formulas, so you might want to experiment before you commit to buying all new products for the new season.


When shopping for foundation this winter, it's important to consider your skin type. Those with combination skin may find that matte formulas are too drying. Instead, try opting for foundations that are more hydrating and provide a dewy finish. If you do choose to use matte products, make sure to balance them out with a moisturizer or oil to keep your skin hydrated. Additionally, you may want to switch to a thicker foundation formula as the weather gets colder. This will help protect your skin from the harsh winter winds and temperatures. Finally, don't forget to exfoliate your skin regularly to keep it looking healthy.


Go Lightly

Aside from changing your foundation, switching to a lighter powder formula (to set your makeup) isn’t a bad idea, either. If you typically use a heavy pressed or loose powder, it can exaggerate dry, cracked skin and look unnatural in the dry winter air. Look for a more natural powder in a hydrating formula so your skin looks soft and supple. Using a good setting powder is just as important as picking foundation for winter!

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Don’t Be Afraid to Mix

Another common problem in picking foundation for winter is finding a perfect color match. Not to worry, you can easily mix foundations together to create a custom color. Many beauty experts recommend always having two or three different shades of foundation on hand at all times so you can easily mix up a new color when the seasons change. That can get pricey, so it might be more budget-friendly to mix foundation colors when you truly need it. Oh, and when you apply your foundation, don’t forget to apply and blend foundation onto your neck to avoid the “floating head” look!


Mix Some More!

Lastly, I wanted to mention mixing foundation formula as an option, also. If you want the option of your skin having a finish that’s matte, dewy or a little bit of both, you can mix a matte and hydrating formula to achieve a healthy, hydrated look without looking oily. Another more economical option is to mix a bit of your moisturizer with your foundation to achieve the same look. If you have any dry patches of skin on your face, use a Beauty Blender or damp sponge to apply foundation and conceal those pesky dry spots.

Finding winter foundation doesn’t have to be a chore. Look at it as an opportunity to refresh your makeup routine and try something new! Do you have any pointers on picking foundation for the winter? What’s your favorite foundation to wear in the winter?

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It's always hard for me to get the right color cause here in Italy they are more based of olive/white colored skins

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