7 Natural Makeup Products That Aren't Harmful to Your Skin or the Environment ...

If you choose to wear makeup, natural makeup products are the way to go. They are free of synthetic chemicals and dyes, and are actually nourishing to the skin. Most makeup products are full of carcinogens, chemicals, and unnatural ingredients that are not beneficial (and may actually be harmful!) to your skin – your largest organ. If that weren’t bad enough, many cosmetic companies test on animals and harm the environment with all the chemicals and pollution. These natural makeup products don’t harm the environment at all, and are great for your skin – everybody wins!

1. Out of Africa Lip Balm

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This is my favorite of these natural makeup products, mostly because this is the only makeup product I still use (I gave up wearing makeup a while back, but I see why people still wish to wear it and am thus providing better options). I love this brand because of its beautiful, pronounceable ingredients and that it’s vegan and cruelty-free. It comes in so many different flavors as well, including tropical vanilla, strawberry, peppermint, orange cream, pomegranate-acai, and unscented. My favorite is tropical vanilla, and my friend could even smell it when I used it and asked me to buy her some! The main ingredient in these lip balms is pure unrefined shea butter, which provides healing fats. There is nourishing vitamin E and essential oils added as well. All of Out of Africa’s products are eco- friendly, and contain no parabens that are harmful to the environment. You can find these online on iherb.com or luckyvitamin.com or at your local health food store.

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