7 New Ideas for Black Eyeliner to Try out This Year ...

Black eyeliner is one of the simplest cosmetic devices you can use to make a bold, sexy statement, and these new ideas for black eyeliner will take things to a whole new level. Black eyeliner can be worn by anyone, and there’s never just one way to wear it! The key is to find a good product and have fun with it! Try out these new ideas for black eyeliner next time you do your makeup. Try each tip until you find one you like or change it up and wear a new design each time.

1. Just Wing It

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Adele gave us one of the best new ideas for black eyeliner of the century. If you want a dramatic cat-eye look, create a winged effect with your eyeliner. This look is brilliantly bold and still feminine at the same time. The trick is to apply it thicker on the top eyelid rim than the bottom and to create almost a studded effect on the bottom lower lash lid, just like a cat's eye looks. The top liner should be thick and winged out from the corner of your eyes.

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