7 Non Toxic Mascaras Your Lashes Will Love ...

When I went green with my beauty routine, it was difficult to find non toxic mascaras that worked. I tried many that did nothing for me. Since my lashes are blond and short, mascara is a must-have, so I made it my mission to find the best non toxic mascaras out there. I feel like I'm off to a great start! Non toxic mascaras are formulated in a different manner than what you're probably used to, so you'll often need a bit more patience and a couple of extra coats. If you ask me, it's worth it! Here are 7 non toxic mascaras your lashes will love! These are all free from parabens, mineral oil, synthetic dyes and other toxic ingredients. Each mascara listed is also cruelty-free.

1. Ecco Bella FlowerColor Natural Mascara

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This mascara rules! It extends my short lashes to lengths I didn't even know were possible, coating them richly pigmented colour with beautiful separation. Based on purified water, this mascara is a fairly wet formula, but because it dries quickly, smudges are a no-show. Ecco Bella Flower Mascara has scored big, which is why it tops my list of non toxic mascaras!

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