13 Note-Worthy Makeup Application Tips Everyone Should Be Aware of ...

There are tons of different makeup application tips out there, but how do you know that you are following the right ones? I've been putting my makeup on wrong forever – I had no idea that you should only apply blush to the apples of your cheeks or use opposite colors of the color wheel to get rid of redness! How cool is that? Check out my top makeup application tips to hopefully find out some new tips you didn't know about!

1. Mix Primer with Foundation

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The very first of my makeup application tips that we're going to talk about is all about saving you a step in your makeup application! Mixing primer with foundation is a great way to not only make your makeup last longer, but it's the ideal way to save you some time in the morning! This is also almost like a homemade BB cream with a little bit more coverage.

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