7 of My Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products for around Five Dollars ...

All of us love to find quality drugstore makeup products without having to spend a fortune on them. I am truly a dedicated beauty junkie so I am very qualified to write this for you. I love makeup and love to try new products. By doing this, I have found some of the best finds in drugstore makeup products for around five dollars.

1. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

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This has actually become my favorite lipstick, and it comes in as my most favorite in the whole category of drugstore makeup products. It is creamy and glides on smoothly. It also stays put well. Everyone is different in their taste in lipstick colors but my favorite shades from this Revlon line are Pink In The Afternoon and Sassy Mauve. This lipstick sells for right around five dollars.

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