7 Premium Makeup Products from L'Oreal Paris ...

Through the years, I’ve found some great cosmetics in the drugstore, and I’ve always looked to makeup products from L’Oreal as being just that much better than the rest. Even if you tend to favor high-end lines, if you try makeup products from L’Oreal, I think you’d be convinced that you could add a few of them to your routine and save some money in the process.

1. Visible Lift Color Lift Blush

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Isn’t this beautiful? These cream-to-powder blushes may look like sparkle city, but on your face, it’s just a gorgeous sun kissed glow. Apply with fingertips or your favorite blush brush, and the color is buildable. The color names are indicative of their appearance: Pink Lift; Nude Lift; Peach Gold Lift; Berry Lift; Coral Lift, and my favorite pictured above; Rose Gold Lift. Makeup products from L’Oreal are by the same company (different division) that produces Lancôme!

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