7 Prime Products for Your Lashes ...

Ladies, have I got some fabulous products for your lashes that I want to show you! As much as I adore the look of long, lush lashes, it’s hard for me to achieve that sexy look because I have super short and straight lashes. Fortunately, ladies with eyelashes of all types can easily recreate an alluring eye makeup look with the help of just a few beauty products. We all know the power of a good mascara, but with the additional help of these prime products for your lashes, you’ll be rocking some serious envy-worthy fringe in no time!

1. CARGO Lash Activator Night Primer

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One of the more unique products for your lashes that I’d like to introduce you to is a nighttime conditioning treatment. Although this product is marketed as a night treatment, you can use it day or night. It’s designed to stop lash loss, breakage and assist with growth. You can also apply it prior to applying your mascara for more defined and lush lashes during the day. Available at Ulta for $25.

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