2. Gorgio Armani Fluid Sheer for Glowing Skin

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Healthy gorgeous skin is the key to a killer date night look. A great highlighter will take your look from pretty to stunning in two pumps of a bottle. Giorgio Armaniโ€™s Fluid Sheers are some of the best-selling department store highlighters. Pick the ideal Fluid Sheer for you by considering your skin tone.

Cool skin tones are blue-based, pink toned skins (you can tell if you are cooler if your veins appear more blue than yellow). The ideal Fluid Sheer for cool toned women is the 7, which is a light, shimmery pink color that brings a beautiful glow to the skin. If you have darker skin and a warmer skin tone, go for shade 2. Fluid Sheers are โ€˜glowyโ€™, rather than sparkly, shimmery of chocked full of glitter.

$62.00 at giorgioarmanibeauty-usa.com

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation for a Supermodel
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