2. You Should Wear Less Makeup if You Are Hiding from Yourself

You hear it way too often: "The only opinion that matters is your own." Or, maybe you don't hear it enough. If you don't, I am saying it to you right now.

We are all guilty of getting a pimple or a cold sore and trying to cover it throughout the day.

We try to cover it with our hands, with our clothes, with makeup, or by making sure people can only see the "good" side. But, most of the time other people don't notice this small imperfection. They only notice it when you bring attention to it.

More than that, the people that truly love you won't judge you for not looking your "best". Our worst mistake is telling ourselves that others will judge us when we are the culprits. You should wear less makeup so you can face that reality and learn to be accepting of yourself.

You Should Wear Less Makeup if You Don't Love Yourself
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