3. You Should Wear Less Makeup if You Don't Love Yourself

This is more personal than the last reason. If you don't love yourself, makeup is not going to help. The superficial is not what you need to learn to love.

I think everyone has been in a situation where you take notice of someone because of their physical appearance and then learn that they are not a very good person. Do you hang out with people because they are beautiful? Or do you hang out with people because the person inside is beautiful?

As you grow up and leave the safety of school and then home, you truly begin to learn that you only have yourself. You are always with yourself. But it can take a long time to learn to love yourself. Some people love themselves for a long time and one day wake up and realize they don't recognize themselves anymore.

This isn't just a teenage problem. This isn't just a young adult problem. This is everyone's problem. This is a woman problem. We live in a world where we are compared to every other woman by those around us. And if that isn't enough, we are compared to what a woman "should be".

If we all fit that ideal, the world would be a boring place.

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