7 Reasons Why Life is Better when You Rock a Bold Lip ...

If you are going to wear a bold lip, do it with confidence. A bold smear of lipstick makes a statement not just about your make up but about you. It says, I am confident, I am comfortable. It says I feel good about myself. Life is better when you rock a bold lip.

1. Lipstick is All You Need

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When you rock a bold lip you don’t need anything else taking the attention away. You can simply color in your lips bright and bold and you can skip the blush and leave the mascara and fake lashes off. This way your lips will then be the focus of your look. When you have a solid color on your lips wearing lots of other make up can sometimes be overkill, so keep it simple and draw attention to your bold lips. And why does this make life better? Because you can achieve a fabulous look in minutes.

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