Sexy Makeup Trends That Will Be Blowing up Soon ...

By Holly

Sexy Makeup Trends That Will Be Blowing up Soon ...

You should never get tired of applying your makeup, because the trends are always changing. There are new, exciting techniques just around the corner! Cosmopolitan proved it by bringing our attention to these new makeup trends that will be blowing up in the near future:

1 Brushed-up Brows

You want your brows to look their best, don't you? In the past, that meant filling them in and pushing all of the hairs together. However, now it's becoming popular to brush your brows up in order to create a feathered, separated look.

2 Just Enough Blush

People don't pay nearly enough attention to blush, but that should be changing soon. It's becoming popular to use bubblegum pink, apricot, or coral blush to really make your cheeks stand out. The trick? Apply it on the apples of your cheeks and blend it up toward your temples.

3 Two Toned Eyes

If you can't choose between two different eyeshadows or liners, then you can just wear both, because two toned eyes are going to be a thing. That means that you can wear one color on your upper lash line and a completely different color on your lower lash line. Just make sure that the colors work together well!

4 Apricot Eyes

Forget black smokey eyes. You're going to want to buy some lighter colors, because apricot eyes are becoming trendy. It'll help you achieve that "no makeup" makeup look.

5 Highlighting

Forget contouring, because highlighting is the next big trend. Not sure how to do that? You should apply your products in an upside-down triangular formation on both cheeks.

Now you have even more ways to decorate your face! Are you happy about these looks gaining popularity?

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