The Top 7 Signs You're Addicted to Lipstick ...

Have you been thinking you're seeing too many signs you're addicted to lipstick?

When it comes to makeup; I’m a lipstick girl, I mean it’s the lip that really completes a look. How can you have a well beat face without any color on your lips? Or even worse off without applying any lip product. I’m pretty sure I am not alone on this one; we all love a good lippie and if you could only have one beauty product, we bet lipstick would be it. If you are as big of a fanatic as I am, chances are the signs you're addicted to lipstick below will be all-too relatable for you as well.

1. You Can’t Walk out of a Makeup Store without a Swatched Hand

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It’s so hard to resist the temptation not to swatch a lipstick when at a makeup store. If you love lipstick, you often get too carried away with this process that your whole hand ends up looking like a canvas. This is one of the obvious signs you love lipstick.

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