7 Spring 2015 Makeup Trends You Can Start Enjoying Now ...

Spring 2015 is just around the corner and with it, the makeup trends of the season. Even if the calendar hasn’t flipped to March 20th yet, you can still start enjoying these trends. No matter where you live, spring seems a little closer when you start wearing spring makeup. Here’s what you’ll see in makeup trends this spring.

1. Rose Gold Eyes

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Thanks to the Naked3 palette by Urban Decay, rose gold eyes have been gaining in popularity. This’s a beautiful palette to create a rose gold eye but there are other options you can choose from, too. It’s a beautiful look that can be worn on any color eye but seems to look especially beautiful on hazel eyes. Experiment with the rose gold shades until you find a flattering way to wear this look. Blue and green eyes may do better with a lighter touch in application.

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