7 Steps to a Flawless Five Minute Face ...

Ladies, you must have a five minute face plan for those days when five minutes truly is all that you have. Busy women with jobs, husbands, children or a combination of the three understand this well. There are days you just don’t have time to stand and perfect your makeup but you still want to look good. This is where the flawless five minute face comes in.

1. Start Smooth with a BB Cream

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The secret to the five minute face is that it is very smooth. After all, a flawless complexion really is what makes the five minute face so flawless. BB Cream is a product that gives more than one benefit. Not only does it act as a base but it helps your skin to be improving at the same time. With the many benefits they offer, why not use a BB Cream in place of your moisturizer and base?

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