Summer Makeup Trends You Haven't Tried Yet ...

Summer makeup trends can sometimes be hard to identify. Summer is a weird time for makeup in general, because sometimes the weather’s too hot to even allow for the different trends and styles you want to wear. However, these summer makeup trends are verified sweat-proof. They can easily be adjusted and altered to avoid any unsightly streaks, and they incorporate a ton of fun summer colors into your look that you probably haven’t tried yet!

1. The No Makeup Look

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There are a lot of reasons why summer is a great time to stop wearing makeup altogether. First of all, the warm, sometimes humid air isn’t always conducive to heavy makeup routines and products. Plus, when the weather’s hot, wearing that much makeup can clog your pores. On top of all of that, the sun has probably given you a natural glow, and why would you want to cover that up with heavy makeup? If there were any time to try to forgo makeup or wear minimal makeup, summer would be that season!

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