7 Super Cute Ways to Wear Colored Eyeshadow That You Can Use Everyday ...

Learning all of the different ways to wear colored eyeshadow is never easy, especially if you don't wear it a lot! I'm not a huge colored shadow girl, therefore finding ways to wear colored eyeshadow for me was pretty hard. I didn't want something that was going to be too bright and I didn't want to even think about adding on additional time in the morning. So, I decided to do some research and I came up with some super simple and totally beautiful ways to wear colored eyeshadow!

1. Pick Colors That Work with Your Skin Tone

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Your skin tone is so important whenever you are looking for ways to wear colored eyeshadow. After all, you want eyeshadow that is only going to enhance your beautiful skin tone, right? If you have really light skin, you don't want something too dramatic all of the time, but if you have olive skin, golds might look better! It all depends on the look that you want too.

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