The Best Make-up Tips for Green Eyed Girls ...

If you have green eyes, I say youโ€™re lucky! I spent a good portion of my youth wishing for green instead of brown. Once I learned how to play up my brown eyes, I stopped coveting. The same is true for those of you with green peepers. Using the right make-up tips will make those beauties pop and if you donโ€™t already love them, you will now! Try these mega awesome make-up tips and youโ€™ll see just what I mean.

1. Experiment with All the Shades of Purple You Can Find

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Purple is on the opposite side of the color wheel than green and that opposite placement means that purples are perfect for bringing out your green eyes. Experts suggest using a darker shade on the outer parts of your eyes and a lighter one on the inside part of your eyes. Mix and match shades until you find the ones that you love best.

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