The Best 3 Ways to Use Concealer and How ...

When it comes to the basics and foundations of makeup, concealer is something that none of us should ever have to go without! It can really be the difference between a blotchy, disappointing look and a flawless, on point look, so it is really work getting to grips with all of the wonderful things that concealer can do for you! If there is one thing you need to know a lot about in beauty and makeup, it should be concealer. Here are the best ways to use concealer, and how!

1. Covering Spots

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We’ve all got spots and blemishes that we would rather were covered, and the best way to do this is to apply concealer with a damp sponge. The sponge helps to control your amount of coverage. It’s always good to choose a concealer that is a shade darker than your foundation to make it looks seamless. Alternatively, go a shade lighter if you want to cover dark circles.

2. Covering Pigmentation

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The biggest pigmentation areas include the nose, around the mouth, the eyelids and the chin. You want to start applying your concealer in feather-like strokes around these areas, using a small brush to blend and then a damp sponge to finish it off. For pigmentation, a shade that matches your foundation is best, and you should use a large fluffy brush to set the concealer with translucent powder.

3. Covering Dark Eye Circles

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Less is more when you want to cover dark circles, starting with a little bit and building up until you have the desired coverage. Always start from your tear duct and apply feather like strokes. Again, use a damp sponge the blend it in seamlessly, and if you need any extra coverage, just use a small brush to dab more on where you want it.

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